The rationals will survive !



Hi there !

Amid my crazy and paced life this is my attempt to put forward the words which I believe is imperative to say. The world is being driven by dodgy idiosyncrasies which have plagued our present existence as the most objective and rational species that is ever believed to have come into existence.

To say the least, my blogs are not politically or communally driven. 

It is my holistic approach to put forward the facets that the multitude of human society- its history,culture and morality pose in front of me and I hope that my bi-partisan take on the way I express myself will help you to perceive my thoughts and at the same time allow you to make your own acuity on the same.

Oh yes ! Just forgot to let you know about me. An Electronics and Communication Engineer of 2015 batch and happened to work with two fortune 500 companies. Currently pursuing MBA from IIM Indore.  And I am in love with football and table tennis.

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